Your task is it to identify and explain fields of application for this technology. Describe your idea by answering the following questions:

  • How does this technology add value in your idea?
  • In which industry could the technology be applied?
  • Describe in more detail what the implementation of Borealis Smart Heating could look like.
Feel free to feed your ideas with images, sketches, and other visuals to make it easier to understand.


Recently, Borealis developed a lightweight polymer film with a thickness of ~0.4mm that heats up any surface. It’s safe due to its self-regulating nature and can be used in a broad range of applications. The operating temperature can go up to 60°C and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the surface.
The film can be tailored to achieve the desired temperature required for a particular application. Some of the potential use cases for example are heated carpet, chair, underfloor heating etc. There are endless opportunities. Now, the company would like to find attractive use cases for this technology that generate the most value for them, their customers (most likely B2B), and the end consumers.


The heating element is a polymer film. It can be optionally laminated with insulating /heat reflective/ functional bottom layer(s) and/or an aesthetic/functional top layer(s) like textile, leather etc. based on the application requirements, to form one very thin and flexible heating film. This heating film is not transparent.



Battery self-regulating
The technology is constructed in a way that it can reach the desired temperature (up to 60°C) and self-regulates around that temperature. Hence the advantage is that it cannot over-heat, making it attractive for many different use cases.
Temperature evenly spread
Homogeneous Surface Heating
The whole film heats up evenly, and therefore, the temperature will be the same on the whole surface and no hot spots are created.
Fast Heating
Fast Heating
The film can heat up from 23° to 50°C within 60 seconds, proving the effectiveness of the technology.
Since we use low voltage DC, this technology is also safe to use close to the body.
Flexible & robust material
Flexible & Robust Material
The lightweight material used for this technology ensures flexibility (can be bent and twisted), making the product’s use cases very versatile. Additionally, it’s easy to process the material via cutting, perforating, sewing, etc.
Easy to produce
Easy to Produce
The production process is simple and involves standard film manufacturing steps.
Placeable close to user/object
Placeable close to User/Object
Due to its thin composition and safe installation possibilities, this technology adds highest value when installed close to humans or other objects. For long-distance use (i.e., as a radiator) the technology may not be a perfect fit.
This polymer film can be recycled.


We don’t just make ground-breaking plastics, chemicals, and fertilizers. We make discoveries. We push the boundaries of what is possible to develop products that improve people’s lives. Driven by a passion to create value through innovation, we address global challenges. These include climate, water, energy, health, and food. We have taken on a pioneering role in the solution of plastic waste problems and in recycling.

Our base chemical range is used in many areas, including energy, automotive, piping, consumer products, healthcare, and packaging. We provide fertilizers to the agricultural industry and technical nitrogen and melamine products to the wood-working industry.

With head offices in Vienna, Austria, Borealis employs 6,900 employees and operates in over 120 countries. We supply services and products to customers around the globe through Borealis and two important joint ventures: Borouge and Baystar™.

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